Chemical Warehousing

Chemical warehouse with intermediate bulk container on the fork

Chemical warehousing

Chemical warehousing involves the storage of regulated and hazardous chemicals in designated locations. These facilities are typically used by pharmaceutical companies to store chemicals safely.

According to the law, safety measures are to be put in place to reduce and eliminate any risks to warehouse employees.

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How Haulx’s chemical warehouse ensures safe storage

To ensure safe storage of chemicals, our chemical warehouse adheres to the following procedures.

Install bunded floors and spill decks

One concern when storing chemicals is spill control. Thus, to ensure site safety, these features are installed:

  • Bunded floors

A bund is a constructed barrier that resembles a speed bump in carparks. They come in many materials and are used to contain any chemical spills.

  • Spill decks

These are elevated platforms that act as trays to catch any chemical spills. Aside from preventing possible leaks from spreading, clean-up is also made a lot easier.

Designate secure areas for inspecting containers and chemical transfers

The following 2 areas are designated in our warehouse:

  • Set-down area for inspections

When chemicals arrive at a warehouse, their containers and safety data information have to be checked. Thus, this set-down area provides a safe space for inspections.

  • Bunded area for chemical transfers

After inspection, containers have to be transferred into the warehouse. This is when leaks and spills are likely to occur, requiring bunded flooring for the transfer route.

Store chemicals based on classifications

There are a few classifications of chemicals that warehouses have to be aware of.

  • Explosive
  • Oxidising
  • Flammable groups (liquids, solids, gases)
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Corrosive chemicals

Each classification has unique physical and chemical properties. Therefore, we store them based on their classifications to prevent any interaction between incompatible chemicals that may trigger additional hazards.

If not handled and stored properly, chemicals are harmful to health when inhaled, ingested or when they come into contact with skin and eyes.

Implement safety protection measures

All chemical warehouses are required by law to have the relevant safety equipment (e.g. first aid) and an emergency response plan.

Safety equipment and measures

  • Our safety equipment include personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff, spill kits, emergency showers, eyewashes and fire dampening measures
  • Staff have been trained to use all equipment
  • Equipment are checked routinely to ensure that they are working well

Emergency evacuation plan

  • All staff are aware of our warehouse’s emergency evacuation plan
  • All staff are aware of where the emergency exits are
  • Emergency exits are clear at all times

Limit operation of machinery

Haulx operates heavy machinery such as forklifts in our warehouse. Thus, we enhance safety by

  • keeping machinery keys in a locked box that are only accessible to drivers,
  • ensuring that only trained employees operate the machinery,
  • designing specific routes for machinery to move around the warehouse and unload, and
  • implementing speed limits.

Secure chemical storage areas

Untrained employees do not have access to chemical storage areas. All warehouse entrances are locked and security cameras are installed at each entrance.

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Why choose Haulx Malaysia?

Haulx staff are experienced and knowledgeable in handling chemicals. Additionally, with the appropriate features installed and proper storage systems, we are well-prepared for any situations.

Our chemical warehouse at Haulx Malaysia follows all guidelines for chemical storage laid out by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health. We ensure that all safety precautions have been put in place to ensure safe storage.