Penghantaran dari India ke Malaysia

Shipping from India to Malaysia

Haulx Malaysia is your trusted partner for secure and efficient shipping from India to Malaysia, offering a complete range of services including pergudangan dan pelepasan kastam. We handle cargo of any size, weight, and type, ensuring timely and safe delivery. 

E-commerce businesses in India looking to expand into the Malaysian market can rely on Haulx for seamless and comprehensive shipping solutions tailored to their needs.

Dapatkan sebut harga percuma daripada penghantaran anda dari India ke Malaysia!

Shipping Cost from India to Malaysia

Haulx Malaysia is recognized for offering some of the most competitive courier rates from India to Malaysia. Our comprehensive service includes packing, door-to-door delivery, warehousing, and customs clearance. We ensure transparency in our pricing, providing straightforward and clear quotations without hidden fees.

*Do note that the figures provided below are mostly to illustrate the estimated cost of shipping, the actual quote will vary depending on your exact order and requests.

Cost of Shipping via Air Freight

Our air freight rates are designed to accommodate shipments of various sizes and weights. We calculate these rates based on the greater of the actual weight or volumetric weight, ensuring precise and equitable pricing for all shipments. For specific details tailored to your needs, please contact us directly.

Additional Notes for Air Freight Calculation:

To facilitate a seamless processing of air shipments, it is key to adhere to specific parameters. 

  • Each parcel must not exceed dimensions of 120cm x 80cm x 80cm, with a maximum weight limit of 70kg.
  • Oversized and overweight parcels will be subject to additional charges as applicable.

Typically, we employ two distinct methods for calculating billing weight based on the cargo’s characteristics:

(1) The Actual Weight Method is applied when the difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight is ≤ 10kg. In such cases, the billing weight is equivalent to the actual weight.

(2) The Average Weight Method is utilised when the difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight exceeds 10kg. Here, the billing weight is calculated as the average of the actual weight and volumetric weight, divided by 2.

(3) Additionally, if the actual weight surpasses the volumetric weight, the billing weight is solely based on the actual weight. These meticulous calculations are implemented to guarantee precise and equitable pricing for all shipments.

Cost of Shipping via Sea Freight

Sea freight offers a cost-effective solution for larger shipments. Pricing is dependent on several factors including the weight and dimensions of the cargo. This method is ideal for bulkier shipments that require economical transportation options.

Additional Notes for Sea Freight Calculation:

In the calculation of our sea shipments, we consider the higher value between the volumetric weight and the actual weight of the cargo.

Shipping Time from India to Malaysia

The shipping time from India to Malaysia varies depending on the origin city and the chosen mode of transport. Major Indian cities like Mumbai and Delhi typically facilitate faster dispatch due to their proximity to major shipping hubs.

Pengangkutan Udara

Pengangkutan udara offers the fastest delivery times, making it ideal for urgent or high-value shipments. It is especially cost-effective for small, lightweight packages and can also accommodate larger shipments up to dimensions of 120cm x 80cm x 80cm.

Pengangkutan laut

Pengangkutan laut provides a more economical solution, with transit times ranging from 8 to 12 days. It is suitable for bulk shipments and offers options for Kurang daripada Beban Kontena (LCL) dan Muatan Kontena Penuh (FCL), depending on the size of your shipment.

This streamlined approach ensures that businesses can choose the most suitable and efficient shipping method based on their specific needs and budget constraints.


In FCL sea freight shipping, a single shipper’s goods fill an entire container, available in 20-inch and 40-inch sizes. On the other hand, LCL shipping is ideal for smaller cargo volumes, as it involves consolidating shipments from multiple shippers into one container, providing cost-effective shipping rates.

Hubungi kami untuk sebut harga peribadi percuma pada penghantaran anda!

Mengapa Memilih Haulx?

Penyelesaian Logistik Komprehensif

Dengan Haulx, anda boleh mempercayai kami untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan menyeluruh dari hujung ke hujung yang mengoptimumkan kecekapan dan meningkatkan pengalaman penghantaran anda.

We also offer an extensive range of shipping services across a multitude of locations such as:

Dasar Pampasan Teguh

Di Haulx, kami memahami kepentingan menjaga penghantaran anda. 

Sekiranya berlaku sebarang kerugian, kerosakan atau kelewatan, polisi kami memastikan bahawa anda diberi pampasan yang adil untuk sebarang kesulitan yang berlaku.

Soalan Lazim Mengenai Penghantaran dari India ke Malaysia

Anggaran masa penghantaran dari India ke Malaysia melalui pengangkutan udara adalah antara 2 – 4 hari. Sementara itu, penghantaran melalui pengangkutan laut akan mengambil masa lebih kurang 14 – 18 hari.

The cheapest shipping option from India to Malaysia would be sea freight.

Apabila mengimport barangan dari India ke Malaysia, adalah penting untuk mengetahui barangan yang dilarang untuk diimport. Ini termasuk tetapi tidak terhad kepada pisau tajam, mata wang palsu, bahan kimia toksik dan bahan tidak senonoh.

Ketahui lebih lanjut tentang barangan yang dilarang diimport ke Malaysia.

Semasa membuat persediaan untuk penghantaran dari India ke Malaysia, adalah penting untuk mengumpulkan dokumen yang diperlukan untuk memastikan proses yang lancar dan berjaya. Beberapa dokumen penting yang mungkin perlu anda sediakan termasuk: