Shipping from Dubai to Malaysia

Shipping from Dubai to Malaysia

Haulx is your go-to freight forwarder for cargo shipping from Dubai to Malaysia. 

With a proven track record renowned for excellence in reliability and efficiency, you can rest assured that your shipment arrives quickly and safely at your desired destination.

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Cost of Shipping from Dubai to Malaysia

Shipping cost from Dubai to Malaysia is determined by several factors such as:

  • Mode of transportation
  • Import taxes & tariffs
  • Volume & weight of cargo

For a rough estimation of the cost of shipping from Dubai to Malaysia, refer to the table below:

WeightCost of Economy ShippingCost of Express Shipping
1kgRM 10RM 20
2kgRM 25RM 35
3kgRM 45RM 60
5kgRM 80RM 95
10kgRM 150RM 175
25kgRM 400RM 450
50kgRM 750RM 850

*The following prices are estimates to help you gauge the cost of shipping from Dubai to Malaysia. Kindly note the final cost may vary. To receive an accurate quote, please contact us with detailed information about your shipping request.

Duration of Shipping from Dubai to Malaysia

The shipping duration from Dubai to Malaysia is mostly dependent on whether the goods are shipped via air or sea freight. 

Other factors that affect shipping time include shipping routes, frequency of shipping and customs clearance duration.

Air Freight

Air freight refers to the transit of goods via aircraft. It is the fastest method of transportation, making it suitable if you require your shipments as quickly as possible.

The estimated shipping time from Dubai to Malaysia via air freight takes roughly 2 – 4 days.

Sea Freight

Sea freight involves transportation by sea vessel using large shipping containers. Typically, it takes around 15 – 19 days to ship from Dubai to Malaysia by sea freight.

We offer flexibility between Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL)

LCL shipping allows your cargo to share a container with other customers, reducing costs by paying only for the space occupied. It is ideal for smaller shipments, offering a cost-effective solution as you split container and transportation expenses.

In contrast, FCL shipping involves reserving an entire container exclusively for your shipment. This option suits larger volumes, providing benefits like enhanced security, minimal handling and potentially quicker transit times.

Haulx strives to provide shipping solutions that suit your needs. Contact us for a quote now!

Why Choose Haulx?

Reliable Compensation Policy

At Haulx, we understand that unforeseen issues can arise during the shipping process. That is why we have a reliable compensation policy in place to provide you with peace of mind.

You can trust that we take responsibility for any shipping mishaps and provide reliable compensation.

Comprehensive Service Provider

Haulx is a one-stop solution for all your shipping and logistic needs.Apart from freight forwarding, we also offer a wide range of services such as chemical warehousing and bonded warehousing.

FAQs About Shipping from Dubai to Malaysia

Yes, it is possible to ship perishable goods or temperature-sensitive items from Dubai to Malaysia. Specialised shipping services such as temperature-controlled containers or reefer containers can be arranged to maintain the desired temperature throughout the journey.

Yes, it is possible to ship dangerous goods or hazardous materials from Dubai to Malaysia. However, compliance with international shipping standards, accurate documentation, and adherence to specific packaging and labelling guidelines are essential.

When shipping with Haulx, customs clearance will be handled by us. We will manage the necessary documentation and procedures to ensure compliance with customs regulations in both Dubai and Malaysia.

Yes, we do. Learn more about the shipping and logistics services we provide for countries in the Middle East: