Shipping from Israel to Malaysia

Shipping from Israel to Malaysia

Haulx is a dependable and efficient freight forwarder for cargo shipping from Israel to Malaysia.

With our years of industry expertise and outstanding customer service, we guarantee that your shipment arrives quickly and safely so that you can stay worry-free.

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Cost of Shipping from Israel to Malaysia

Shipping costs from Israel to Malaysia may vary depending on a range of factors including transportation mode, weight and size of shipment. Additional charges such as import taxes, cargo insurance and custom duties can also impact shipping costs.

The following table serves as a rough price guide for shipping from Israel to Malaysia:

WeightCost of Economy ShippingCost of Express Shipping
1kgRM 30RM 55
2kgRM 55RM 110
3kgRM 110RM 160
5kgRM 160RM 220
10kgRM 330RM 380
25kgRM 660RM 820
50kgRM 820RM 1200

*The prices stated in the table are estimates to help you gauge the cost of shipping from Israel to Malaysia. The actual cost of shipping may differ slightly. To receive an accurate quote, please contact us.

Duration of Shipping from Israel to Malaysia

The duration of shipping between the two countries is highly dependent on the chosen mode of transportation. While sea freight is the more economical option, air freight is recommended for shorter shipping times.

Regardless, it is important to note that unexpected delays may occur due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Air Freight

Air freight refers to the transportation of goods via aircraft. It is the quickest way to transport your cargo, making it suitable for time-constrained shipments. 

The shipping time from Israel to Malaysia ranges from roughly 2 – 3 days for express delivery and 4 – 5 days for economy delivery.

Sea Freight

Sea freight involves transportation by sea vessel using large shipping containers. This can be administered as Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL)

Typically, it takes at least 15 days to ship from Israel to Malaysia by sea freight.

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FAQs About Shipping from Israel to Malaysia

Sea freight is generally  the cheapest way to ship from Israel to Malaysia, especially if shipping in bulk. However, this method is the slowest mode of transport and may take anywhere from 15 – 29 days to complete delivery.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of items banned for shipment into Malaysia:

  • Drugs
  • Poisonous chemicals
  • Pornographic material (films, photographs or paintings)
  • Turtle eggs

You may refer to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department for the full list of prohibited items for import into Malaysia.

Although rare, in the event that your cargo is lost or damaged during transit from Israel to Malaysia, we have established specific procedures and protocols to handle such situations. 

Our team will contact you promptly and work with you to file a claim, ensuring that your concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Yes, taxable goods imported into Malaysia are subject to Sales and Service Tax (SST) of 5% to 10% depending on the category of the item. Imports with a cost, insurance and freight (CIF) value of less than RM 500 are exempted from tax.