Shipping from Malaysia to Australia

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Haulx Malaysia is a freight forwarding company that provides shipping services from Malaysia to Australia.

Read on to learn more about the duration of shipping, factors affecting shipping costs and commonly shipped items from Malaysia to Australia.

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Who are these services suitable for?


Businesses based in Malaysia that require bulk shipping of cargo to Australia.


Individuals or families who recently moved to Australia from Malaysia, and need to ship over their belongings.


People who purchase goods in Malaysia and require delivery to Australia.

Duration of shipping from Malaysia to Australia

On average, it takes between 3-5 days to deliver cargo from Malaysia to Australia via air shipping and 3 weeks for sea shipping.

For sea freight, transit times differ based on several factors such as the weather condition and container capacity (LCL or FCL) used.

Factors affecting shipping cost

The following are some factors that affect shipping costs:

Volume of Cargo

The larger the volume of your cargo, the more space it takes up and the higher the shipping fee will be.

Weight of Cargo

There is a maximum cargo weight limit placed on shipping containers and aircrafts. As such, heavier goods will cost more to ship.

Nature of items to be shipped

Custom duties and taxes vary depending on the class of goods being shipped. Sometimes, you may also be entitled to tax exemptions.

For example, the import of certain luxury cars and wine into Australia are exempted from duties under the Luxury Car Tax Exemption and Wine Equalisation Tax Exemption laws respectively.

Address of pick-up and drop-off location

Freight forwarders need to arrange transportation to pick-up and deliver your cargo. The longer the distance from the location to the port (and vice versa), the higher the shipping fee will be.

Shipping capacity required

For sea shipping, you can choose between two shipping capacities:

  • Less than container load (LCL)
  • Full container load (FCL)

FCL shipping generally has a standard rate per container whereas LCL is charged based on the volume of space your cargo takes up. While LCL costs more per unit freight, it is a cost-effective method for smaller shipment.

Commonly shipped items from Malaysia to Australia

Malaysia is one of the biggest exporters of goods to Australia. In 2018, Australia’s imports from Malaysia accounted for US $9.91 billion dollars.

Here are the items most commonly shipped from Malaysia to Australia:

  • Oils and mineral fuels e.g. coal, petroleum and natural gas
  • Electronics and electrical equipment
  • Industrial machines and atomic reactors
  • Materials such as plastic, rubber, wood and metals
  • Livestock

List of restricted and prohibited items for export from Malaysia

The list of prohibited goods for export from Malaysia includes (but are not limited to):

  • Turtle eggs
  • Rattans
  • Illicit drugs

Certain restricted goods are subject to Malaysian government control and having a license is mandatory for export:

  • Livestock and their products
  • Toxic or hazardous materials
  • Minerals
  • Plants
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Military equipment

List of restricted and prohibited items for import to Australia

Prohibited items for import to Australia includes (but are not limited to):

  • Chemical weapons
  • Biological agents
  • Dog and cat fur products
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Supplements that contain Hoodia, Yohimbe and DHEA
  • Wool products
  • Meat products

Special permits are essential for import of certain restricted goods to Australia:

  • Laser pointers
  • Pencils, paintbrushes and erasers
  • Pornographic material
  • Fly swatters
  • Cosmetics
  • Chewing tobacco

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