Shipping from Russia to Malaysia

Shipping from Russia to Malaysia

At Haulx, we provide professional and secure shipping services from Russia to Malaysia. No matter the type of cargo, our priority is to ensure a seamless and safe shipping experience.

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Cost of Shipping from Russia to Malaysia

Shipping costs from Russia to Malaysia may vary depending on a number of factors. These include the cargo volume, type of cargo, method of shipping and economic factors like the current exchange and inflation rates.

We have compiled a table portraying the estimated prices for your reference:

WeightCost of Economy ShippingCost of Express Shipping
1kgRM 30RM 55
2kgRM 55RM 110
3kgRM 110RM 165
5kgRM 165RM 220
10kgRM 330RM 385
25kgRM 660RM 825
50kgRM 825RM 1210

*The following prices are estimates to help you gauge the cost of shipping from Russia to Malaysia. Kindly note the final cost may vary. To receive an accurate quote, please contact us with detailed information about your shipping request.

Duration of Shipping from Russia to Malaysia

The time required for shipping from Russia to Malaysia is largely dependent on whether you opt for air or sea freight. 

Due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather conditions, transit delays may occur.

Air Freight

Air freight involves the shipment of goods and cargo via an aeroplane. As a speedier mode of transportation, air freight may only take around 1 – 5 days to move goods from Russia to Malaysia.

Depending on the amount of cargo being shipped, it is generally more costly than sea freight.

Sea Freight

Sea freight refers to the method of transporting cargo from one port to another via shipping containers. Typically, sea freight is the more affordable option as compared to freight by air. However, the drawback is that delivery via sea freight can take at least 14 days to fulfil.

At Haulx, we offer two options for sea freight, Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL). For smaller volumes of goods, LCL shipping is typically the more cost-effective choice. Meanwhile, FCL is recommended for those who need to ship a large quantity of items.

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Why Choose Haulx?

Go-to Shipping Experts

As an experienced logistics provider, Haulx can fulfil all of your freight needs, from warehousing to customs clearance.

Our comprehensive range of services ensures that your cargo is always in safe hands, giving you peace of mind.

Tailored Customer Experience

At Haulx, we understand the importance of maintaining a direct communication channel with our customers.

That is why we assign every customer a personal representative who is eager to serve you and prepared to respond to all your queries and concerns.

FAQs About Shipping from Russia to Malaysia

When shipping with Haulx, you will be assigned a dedicated customer service agent. Our friendly agent will be providing you with constant updates about the status of your shipment throughout its whole journey.

Yes. Assuming that your order has not been delivered, you may change your shipping address. However, if your shipment is already in transit, you may incur additional freight service fees. 

Please contact your designated customer service specialist for more details.

If your shipment is lost or damaged during shipping from Russia to Malaysia, rest assured that we have measures in place to assist you in such situations. Our team will promptly reach out to guide you through the necessary procedures for filing a compensation claim. 

We are committed to providing you with the support and guidance you need during any unfortunate incidents along the way.

There are specific prohibited items that we are unable to ship because of Malaysian laws and regulations. In addition, certain items are restricted and require an import licence or permit from the relevant authorities before they can be approved for shipping.

You may refer to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department which provides the full list containing more details regarding prohibited and restricted items. 

If you are a new customer, you can reach out to us via our contact form. Simply provide your details and inquiry, and we will respond as soon as possible. 

For existing customers, you may call your designated customer service representative for further assistance.