Shipping from Turkey to Malaysia

Shipping from Turkey to Malaysia

Looking for a reliable and efficient shipping solution from Turkey to Malaysia? Haulx is a one-stop freight forwarding provider that specialises in transporting commercial goods and personal items. 

We take pride in our competitive rates and commitment to professionalism, guaranteeing that your cargo will be handled with the utmost care and attention.

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Cost of Shipping from Turkey to Malaysia

Shipping costs from Turkey to Malaysia depend on various factors such as the weight of the shipment, the mode of transportation, customs clearance fees and insurance costs. 

Typically, express services cost more but offer faster delivery times, while economy services are more affordable but have longer transit times. 

For your reference, here are some estimated shipping costs from Turkey to Malaysia:

Weight of ParcelCost of Economy ShippingCost of Express Shipping
1kgRM 30RM 55
2kgRM 55RM 110
3kgRM 110RM 165
5kgRM 165RM 220
10kgRM 330RM 385
25kgRM 660RM 825
50kgRM 825RM 1215

*The prices stated in the table are estimates to help you gauge the cost of shipping from Turkey to Malaysia. The actual cost of shipping may differ slightly. To receive an accurate quote, please contact us.

Duration of Shipping from Turkey to Malaysia

The duration of shipping from Turkey to Malaysia is highly dependent on whether you decide to opt for air freight or sea freight as your mode of transport.

Air Freight

For air freight shipping, the fastest option for transporting items from Turkey to Malaysia takes approximately 1 – 3 days for delivery. This process involves the use of an air carrier to transport goods. 

While it is the most expensive shipping option, it is also the fastest.

Sea Freight

In comparison, sea freight transportation takes longer, with an expected transit time of 14 – 19 days. However, sea freight is more cost-effective than air freight and offers both Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) shipping options.

When choosing between air and sea freight shipping, you are recommended to consider your budget and delivery timeline.

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Why Choose Haulx?

Fair Compensation Policy

At Haulx, we value transparency and accountability. That’s why we have implemented a fair compensation policy to promptly address any issues that may arise during the shipping process. 

If your shipment experiences any loss or damage due to errors, we guarantee fair compensation for the damages incurred. 

Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free shipping experience that exceeds your expectations.

Competitive Shipping Rates

At Haulx, we offer the most competitive rates for all our shipping and logistics services.

With over a decade of experience, we are able to leverage our extensive network of international partners to secure optimal rates and routes for your shipments. This allows you to enjoy significant time and cost savings.

You can trust us to handle your shipping needs with the utmost care and professionalism while providing you with cost-effective solutions.

FAQs About Shipping from Turkey to Malaysia

For air freight, it typically takes 1 – 3 days, while sea freight takes 14 – 19 days.

However, it is important to note that the shipping duration may be affected by unforeseen circumstances or events such as port congestion and poor weather conditions.

The required documents may vary depending on the type of goods being shipped, the destination country’s regulations, and the mode of transportation.

 However, some of the standard documents include:

Typically, some items that are prohibited or restricted due to safety or legal reasons include:

  • Explosives
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Hazardous materials
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Pornographic materials