Shipping from US to Malaysia

Sea freight carrying cargo

Shipping from US to Malaysia can be worrisome due to the long distance which may rack up costs and can be more prone to delays. It also requires some meticulousness with the relevant taxes as well as export and import restrictions. 

This is where experienced freight forwarders come in to ensure that this endeavour is easily managed. Read on as we outline the shipping options and restrictions when shipping from the US to Malaysia.

How long does shipping from US to Malaysia take

The duration of shipping depends largely on the type of shipping method used. In general, sea shipping takes a longer time as compared to shipping goods via air. Sea freight shipping is done via Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL).

Air freight takes about 3 – 7 working days while sea freight takes about 14 – 21 working days.

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How much is shipping from the US to Malaysia

The cost of shipping from the US to Malaysia generally depends on the combined weight of the items shipped, the urgency of arrival and the type of service chosen.

Shipping carriersServiceEstimated price in USD (per 1kg package)*Average delivery time
Multiple carriersEconomy$17.995 - 10 working days
Express$21.994 - 9 working days
DHLExpress Worldwide$34.316 - 10 working days
FedExInternational Economy$53.902 - 5 working days
International Priority Express$62.621 - 3 working days
USPSFirst Class International$39.4311 - 21 working days
Priority Mail International$63.853 - 5 working days

*Prices are accurate as of January 31, 2023. They may be subject to changes due seasonal pricing, carriers’ charges and the shipment’s value and contents.

How to choose a shipping carrier

In choosing the shipping carrier for your needs, consider things such as your pickup and dropoff requirements, need for tracking and budget. 

With these in mind, refer to the table below for a clearer understanding of the pros and cons of major shipping carriers.

Shipping carriersProsCons
Multiple carriers
  • More affordable than a single carrier
  • Higher risk of parcel losses in transit
  • Potential issues with parcel tracking
  • DHL
  • Sustainable shipping options available
  • Free pickup
  • International shipments insured
  • Limited drop off points
  • Higher costs and surcharges
  • FedEx
  • Attentive customer care
  • Assured real-time order tracking
  • Free packaging available
  • Efficient and prompt delivery
  • Chargeable pickup
  • Limited dropoff points
  • USPS
  • Cost-effective prices
  • Flat rate service option
  • Widely available dropoff locations
  • No extra charges for Saturday delivery
  • Greater risk or delays and damage during last-mile delivery
  • Comparatively less effective last-mile tracking
  • Import tax and duties for shipments from US to Malaysia

    There are several categories of goods that are subject to taxes and duties upon import to Malaysia. These can range from consumables to vehicles. 

    Depending on the items, there may be some applicable for exemption. Read on for a breakdown of some of the common taxes and duties applied to imported goods to Malaysia.

    Sales and Service Tax (SST)

    Malaysia imposes a 10% SST on most taxable goods imported into the country for local consumption.

    In some specific cases, the goods may be taxed at a lower rate of 5% or be completely exempt from sales tax.

    Excise Import Duty

    Excise tax is charged on imported goods that are considered nonessential and harmful to public health.

    Some examples of these items include liquor, tobacco products, and motor vehicles.

    An additional Malaysian Custom Excise import duty may be imposed on certain food items such as specific types of beverages which are subjected to an additional 15% tax.

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    Prohibited and restricted items for import into Malaysia

    Malaysia’s import restrictions range from more commonly prohibited items such as reproduced currencies and drugs to specific produce from its regional neighbours. Refer to the list below for a summary of items that are prohibited for import into Malaysia.

    • Intoxicating liquors containing more than 3.46mg/ℓ in any lead or in any compound of copper
    • Reproduction of currencies, bank notes or coins
    • Daggers and flick knives
    • Articles of items resembling syringes
    • Poisonous chemicals
    • Drugs such as morphine, heroine, and marijuana

    Restricted items that require an import licence from Malaysia

    Here are some examples of restricted items that will require an import licence to be shipped to Malaysia:

    • Any meat, bones, hide, skin, hoofs, horns, offal or any part of the animals and poultry.
    • Live animals and fish
    • Animal oils and fats.
    • Plants include parts and plant products.
    • Household and agricultural pesticides.
    • Corals, alive or dead.
    • Explosives and fireworks
    • Imitation arms, toy gun / pistols, and hand grenades
    • Safety helmets (except as worn by motorcyclists or motorcycle pillion riders).
    • Motor vehicles
    • Apparatus/equipment for the brewing of beer in the home.
    • Pharmaceutical products

    Prohibited and restricted items for export from US

    In addition to import restrictions at the Malaysian border, some items are prohibited from export  from the US. It’s important to check whether your shipment includes any of these items below so as to ensure that it will cross the border successfully. 

    The list of items include, but are not limited to:

    • Counterfeit, bootlegged or pirated items
    • Currency, gems, precious metals and stones
    • Gambling materials and items
    • Illegal drugs
    • Dental, veterinary, medical devices and materials
    • Medicines and dietary supplements
    • Firearms, weapons and tactical equipment

    Restricted items that require an export licence from US

    A large majority of goods that require an export licence from the US are classified as “dual-use”. This means that they have both commercial as well as military or proliferation uses. 

    Items like these fall under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) section of the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)

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    FAQs about shipping from the US to Malaysia

    The cheapest way to ship from the US to Malaysia is via sea freight as compared to air freight, using a freight forwarder.

    Yes. USPS has First Class international and Priority Mail International options for shipping items from the US to Malaysia. 

    The former costs about USD $39.43 and takes between 11 – 21 working days to ship from the US to Malaysia, while the latter costs about USD $63.85 and takes between 3 – 5 working days.

    Yes, it is possible to add insurance to your shipment.

    Haulx provides cargo insurance for all shipments so you can rest assured that if your goods are affected in transit, you will have proper compensation.

    Shipping from the US to Malaysia often requires documentation provided for both the country of exportation as well as the shipment’s destination country. Here is a list of standard documents needed for export from the US and import to Malaysia.

    Import documents required for Malaysia

    • Invoice
    • Packing list
    • Delivery letter
    • Leaflet, catalogue or other related documents
    • Insurance certificate, if insured
    • Bill of lading / airway bill
    • Letter of credit (if used)
    • Import permit or licence
    • Proof of fare payment
    • Customs Form No. 1
    • Completed Custom forms

    Export documents required for US

    • Commercial invoice
    • Packing list
    • Bill of lading / airway bill
    • Certificate of Conformity
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Export permit or licence