Warehouse with rows of goods

Warehousing malaysia

Warehousing refers to the storage of inventory before they are sold or distributed. Some objectives of warehousing include enhancing operational efficiency and minimising the risk of damage to your goods.

Functions of warehousing

  • Storage of goods

As mentioned above, warehousing is typically used for storage of items that are not needed yet.

  • Protection of goods

Warehouses are built to protect your goods against damage caused by dust and heat and theft

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Types of warehousing

Warehouse with rows of goods

Private Warehouse

Private warehouses are owned by wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, or major retail marketplaces.

These warehouses are exclusively used for the warehouse owners’ own distribution and storage activities.

Row of warehouse inventory

Public Warehouse

Public warehouses are owned by government bodies and are made available for rent to businesses from the private sector.

While they are not usually equipped with the latest technology, public warehouses are one of the most affordable and accessible warehousing options around.

This makes them suitable for small business owners and start-ups with financial constraints.

Co-operative warehouse with inventory

Co-operative Warehouses

These warehouses are owned and managed by co-operative societies who offer warehousing facilities at a discounted rate for their members.

Bonded warehouse packed with goods

Bonded Warehouses

Bonded warehouses are used to store imported goods with unpaid custom duties and taxes during the customs clearance process. These types of warehouses are normally owned and controlled by dock authorities and are found near ports.

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Key processes involved in warehousing


This process requires the warehouse to verify that the correct type of product has been received.

Additionally, the warehouse also needs to confirm that the items have arrived punctually and in the right quantity and condition.


Put-away refers to the moving of goods into the warehouse’s storage. When done correctly, this process can help to increase warehousing efficiency.


Picking involves the finding and extraction of products in a warehouse to fulfill an order.


Packing is the consolidation of items in a sales order. It is essential that the goods are properly packed and labelled before they get shipped out. This can increase efficiency when trying to locate a lost order.


Shipping is only considered successful when the item has been dispatched to the right customer and arrives safely and punctually.

Advantages of warehousing

Goods kept at the warehouse are typically insured at the risk of the warehousing company. This helps to minimise your business risk by transferring the risk of damage or loss to the warehouse owner.

Warehouses usually utilise the latest equipment and technology to help minimise your losses caused by damages or a deterioration in the quality of goods.

Using a warehouse for storage ensures that there is a regular supply of goods available to meet the demand of consumers. Maintaining a constant stock level can prevent price fluctuation in the market.

Warehousing services can lead to the better management and tracking of your inventory. This helps to streamline your business processes and increase productivity.

Some products are only produced during certain periods but are consumed throughout the year. Using a warehouse for storage ensures that there is a consistent supply of such goods.

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