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Discover reliable shipping from China to Malaysia with Haulx Malaysia. We provide a complete range of services, including 仓储报关, handling cargo of any size, weight, and type. 

Our dedicated team ensures meticulous care from pick-up in major Chinese cities like 深圳, Guangzhou, Yiwu, or Dongguan to delivery in Malaysia. Trust Haulx for a seamless and secure shipping experience.

Request a free quotation for your shipment today! Simply fill out our contact form with your details, and we’ll provide you with a tailored quote promptly.

Cost of Shipping from China to Malaysia

Haulx Malaysia proudly offers competitive rates for shipping from China to Malaysia. 

*The prices stated are estimates to help you gauge the cost of shipping from China to West and East Malaysia. The actual cost of shipping will differ slightly depending on factors such as your pick-up and delivery locations, nature of cargo and more.

Air Freight Costs from China to Malaysia

Air freight rates are calculated on a per kilogram basis. For a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific shipment, please contact us.

  • West Malaysia: Rates start at RM 19.50 per kg for shipments weighing 1-2 kg, with decreases as weight increases.
  • East Malaysia: Starting at RM 36.50 per kg for 1-2 kg, with reduced rates for heavier shipments.

Sea Freight Costs from China to Malaysia

Sea freight charges are generally lower than air freight and are calculated based on the greater of the cargo’s actual weight or volumetric weight. For detailed rate information and to get a tailored quote, reach out to us.

  • Weight-based Pricing: Rates start at RM 24.00 for the first 3 kg, with additional weight charged per kg.
  • Volume-based Pricing: Rates begin at RM 155.00 for the first 0.3 m³, with subsequent volume priced per additional 0.1 m³.


Duration of Shipping from China to Malaysia

平均而言,从中国空运到马来西亚的运输时间为 4至7天。同时,海运门到门交货的预计运输时间为 14天.

However, the shipping duration also highly depends on the exact pick-up and drop-off locations in China and Malaysia respectively. 

For an accurate timeline, do 联系我们 for more details.


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空运 is the quickest option, ideal for time-sensitive or smaller shipments under 30kg. It also accommodates larger packages up to the dimensions of 120cm x 80cm x 80cm, providing a fast solution for urgent deliveries.


For larger shipments, 海洋货运 offers a cost-effective method. It includes options for 整箱装载(FCL)拼箱货 (LCL).

  • FCL is perfect if you have enough goods to fill a 20-inch or 40-inch container, ensuring that all goods in the container are yours.
  • LCL is suitable for smaller cargo volumes where your goods are consolidated with others, reducing costs while still delivering efficiency.
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If you are exporting from China, your goods may be subjected to export duties. These are imposed on selected resource products and semi-manufactured goods including aluminium alloys, unwrought zinc and brass wires.


  • 关税不超过人民币50元的货物,以及
  • 没有商业价值的材料或样品。

Taxes and duties for import into Malaysia





  • 成本、保险加运费 (CIF) 价值,
  • 职责,以及
  • 任何适用的消费税。

某些产品可能按单位征税(例如,按升或公斤),而某些产品可能仅适用0% 至5% 的降低税率。

任何 CIF 价值低于 RM 500 的进口商品均免征关税。这不包括酒精、葡萄酒和烟草制品等商品。

Process of Shipping From China to Malaysia with Haulx Malaysia

第 1 步:向我们发送您的运输详细信息

Reach out via our 联系表 或者 电子邮件 with details including the item list, estimated value, desired departure and arrival dates, and pick-up and drop-off locations for a personalized quotation.

第 2 步:收到您的报价

We will provide an accurate quotation and recommend the best shipping mode based on your requirements.


Upon agreeing to the terms and rates, proceed with the payment of the freight invoice. Note: Taxes and duties are collected only after booking confirmation.


We manage the customs clearance in both the export and import countries. Your cargo will be picked up, and we’ll handle all necessary documentation for a smooth process:



为什么选择马来西亚 Haulx?


As a freight forwarder, Haulx Malaysia offers all the services required to see your goods through an entire shipping journey. You can rest assured knowing that your shipment will be delivered in a safe and timely manner.


每个客户都会配备一名专业的 Haulx 顾问,因此您可以不断获得货运的最新信息。此外,我们还根据您的要求专门定制我们的运输路线。


The overweight and oversized charges for air freight from China to Malaysia vary based on factors such as cargo type, dimensions, and specific requirements. 

For the most accurate and detailed information tailored to your shipment, we recommend reaching out to our dedicated team. Please 联系我们, and our experts will provide you with a personalised quote and address any specific inquiries you may have.

On average, it will take about 4 to 14 days to ship from Hong Kong to Malaysia.

Shipping times for Shopee items from China to Malaysia typically range from 4 days to 14 days. The exact duration depends on various factors such as how quickly the seller processes and ships the order, as well as any clearance procedures required by Shopee. 

It is advisable to check the estimated delivery time provided by the seller on the Shopee platform for more accurate information.

  • 假币
  • 任何形式威胁中国政治、经济、文化和道德利益的媒体
  • 药物
  • 旧衣服和二手衣服
  • 假币
  • 绘画、电影和卡片等不雅媒体
  • 刀子和匕首
  • 看起来像注射器的物品
  • 海龟蛋
  • 印有任何《古兰经》经文或复制品的布料